Nu Skin… everyone’s heard of it, some people love it and can’t get enough, others give it a bad review and even call it a ‘cult’ (yep)… So if you don’t know who to believe and haven’t made your mind up about ordering their products, I completely understand!

Like many of you, I’m pretty sceptical when it comes to cosmetic brands that use ‘multi-level marketing’ or ‘network marketing’ (and that aren’t available in shops*)… But after testing the Nu Skin cosmetics, I definitely changed my mind. It’s no secret that there are a lot of scams in this industry… That’s why when I’m contacted about this type of product, I am careful to make sure the company is genuine.

So, if I’m telling you about Nu Skin today, that’s because I judge this company to be credible and effective! 😄

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The first thing that reassured me about Nu Skin’s credibility was the date the company was founded. It was launched in the USA in 1984, so it’s far from being a new company. The second was finding out the huge investments that this brand devotes to the research of its products (more than 75 scientists work for Nu Skin), to guarantee innovative products that meet the highest standards of quality. To avoid getting lost in scientific gibberish… put simply, OK, that’s good, that means we won’t use products on our skin that come from any old laboratory.

Nu Skin is best known for its anti-ageing cosmetics and technologies, like the LumiSpa and the Facial Spa, but it also offers treatments suitable for all skin types and even makeup. I tested various Nu Skin products and I’ll give you my verdict on each of them in this article !

Pharmanex Tegreen from Nu Skin

Pharmanex Tegreen is one of the most googled products from Nu Skin! And it should be! I was so convinced by this product that when I finished my first cleanse, I couldn’t wait to order it again and recommend it to others.

Essentially, this food supplement contains a green tea extract taken from its leaves which boosts our body’s natural defences by protecting our cells and tissues from oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

It’s hard to find a product with a greater concentration of antioxidants.

1 capsule = The benefits of 7 cups of green tea*

*I should point out that the concentration of caffeine is extremely low, each capsule is 99.5% caffeine-free

What are the main benefits of Tegreen capsules?

  • Powerful antioxidants that protect our cells from free radicals naturally present in our body or from pollution, stress, cigarette smoke and toxins.
  • Fights water retention. This is perfect for those of us with tired, heavy legs.
  • Helps digestion, aids elimination thanks to its draining properties and reduces bloating. Great the whole year round and even more effective during periods of excess such as the holiday season.

To sum up: Tegreen will help you to feel lighter, less bloated and simply full of vitality.

The quality really is exceptional : it has been compared many times to other commercially available green tea capsules. Other brands leave your body with a great deal more toxins to eliminate compared to Tegreen. Nu Skin’s green tea capsules are produced in Switzerland and are certified by the manufacturers to guarantee consistent quality.

If you wish to see comparative photos, or a video testimonial which explains the antioxidant effect that the Tegreen capsules have on our body, leave me a comment down below or contact directly Chloé at

Epoch Baobab Body Butter from Nu Skin


A little piece of Africa! Forever on a quest to find THE moisturizing cream, especially in winter, I fell head over heels for the Baobab Body Butter from the Epoch range. Its main ingredients? Shea butter and baobab fruit. In other words, the perfect combo for deep hydration.

I love its creamy texture that is quickly absorbed by the skin and doesn’t leave you with greasy fingers. As for the smell, if you prefer lightly scented creams (personally, strong odours bother me if I apply them before going to sleep), you will love the delicate scent of cocoa butter.

What sets this cream apart from others on the market: It contains beneficial antioxidants, increases the skin’s natural resistance over time and treats skin naturally thanks to its ethnobotanical ingredients.

💚 As well as doing good to your skin, you’ll also be doing good to the planet. That’s because one cream sold means one baobab planted. For each Baobab Body Butter sold, 0,25$ will be donated to the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation® for the  “Seeds of Hope” reforestation project in Malawi. 🌱

Nu Color Curling Mascara black from Nu Skin


Now let’s talk about makeup. Lately, we’ve been seeing more and more mascaras with curved brushes. Although that might be surprising at first, we can quickly understand why this design is so popular. I’ll get straight to the point: goodbye clumpy lashes! The eyelashes are separated which makes them look more curled, and they don’t stick together.

The only thing I wasn’t sure about when first ordering the Nu Skin Nu Colour Curling Mascara was that it wasn’t written anywhere that the mascara was waterproof. But, the kind of girl I am means that I ended up trying and approving this product in a couple of tearful moments. 😂 On top of that, wearing this mascara in the UK’s weather conditions certainly put it to the test…

What sets this mascara apart from others: Its curved and flexible brush is designed for easy and quick application. It leaves your lashes beautifully curled, giving you a striking look.

How can I buy the Nu Skin US products?

So, if you’ve been convinced by the Nu Skin products and you’re wondering how you can order them too… I’ll explain exactly how you can do that.

  1. Go just here
  2. Click on “Accept invitation”
  3. Fill in the short form…

Et voilà ! Enjoy shopping for your new cosmetic products from the comfort of your own home! 😉

Have you already tried the Nu Skin products? If not, are you tempted by them? 😃

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