In this article, I won’t be talking about Nu Skin, but their Epoch range which is still relatively unknown in Europe, and I’m here to change that! 😉 So, I won’t hold you in suspense: I absolutely love this range which is worth talking about for many reasons.

🌳 First of all, its natural products are made using renewable resources.

🌟 Also, the results are really unbelievable, and this is equally true for body, face and hair products.

👏 Last but not least, the Force For Good Foundation which is a humanitarian mission set up to create a better world for children which they aim to achieve by improving their quality of life, preserving indigenous cultures and protecting threatened environments.

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Epoch, a range designed by ethnobotanists

Nu Skin worked hand in hand with renowned ethnobotanists in order to create the products from the Epoch range in harmony with nature. The range marries the timeless wisdom and traditions of indiginous cultures relating to plants and their beneficial properties, from all four corners of the earth.

Suffice to say that when using the Epoch products, you’ll discover nature’s secrets and worldwide rituels transformed into a range of products for the face, hair and body.

To find out more about the range, its origins and its mission, I strongly recommend watching the exclusive webinar which can be found below. Here, you’ll find a fascinating conversation with Dr Paul Cox, the renowned ethnobotanist who is at the heart of the Epoch range.

Products made from botanical ingredients

The Epoch range is made using only botanical ingredients. Here’s a list of ingredients that can be found in many products in this line :

  • Hibiscus flower extract, used by traditional cultures in South-East Asia and Central America to cleanse and hydrate skin and hair
  • Ava Puhi Mon extract, extracted from the nectar found in the bulb of the Ava Puhi flower used by Polynesians to condition, smoothen and improve the quality of hair
  • Jamaican Allspice berry used by the indiginous tribes of Central America for centuries. This berry soothes dry, cracked skin as well as persistent redness in the heels, toes and sides of the feet.

My favourite Epoch products

Epoch Sole Solution

Now for a particularly glamorous subject : Do you have dry skin on your feet, cracked skin or calluses? And you’ve already tried everything to get rid of them?

This kind of stubborn problem requires more than just hydration. You need to take action to tackle the underlying cause, and the goal of Epoch Sole Solution is exactly that.

This product contains ground Jamaican allspice which is used by indiginous populations in Central America to soothe the heels, toes and soles of the feet which can be dry, cracked or irritated.

Writing this article at the end of lockdown, during which I was constantly on my feet – walking and running, it’s safe to say that the Epoch Sole Solution saved my feet from many (not so attractive!) problems.

Epoch Baobab Body Butter

If you’ve been looking for a body moisturiser that REALLY leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, then look no further!

Epoch Baobab Body Butter is a rich cream made from a hydrating formula containing plant extracts, such as shea butter, macadamia nut oil and pulp from the African Baobab fruit.

All of these ingredients naturally revitalise skin which increases its moisture level and improves the skin’s resistance over time.

Epoch Glacial Marine Mud

You might have already heard of this product because it’s a favourite among many Nu Skin customers. As well as being suited to all types of skin, it can be used on the face as well as the rest of the body!

The Glacial Marine Mud is a revitalising clay mask made with marine plants, enriched by more than 50 minerals and trace elements, such as zinc and copper, which are beneficial for the skin.

What exactly does it do? It removes impurities from the skin and absorbs any excess sebum without drying skin out – that’s why it’s really suited to all skin types which can not be said for many other clay masks. After rinsing, your skin is left feeling incredibly soft and smooth.

We rarely think to use clay masks for the skin on the rest of our bodies, but the Glacial Marine Mud was also designed for this purpose. If you have small blemishes on your arms or back, this product is really formidable.

A little tip : the texture of the mask can be very liquidy, so it’s best to shake the tube before opening, which will make it a bit more solid. It’s recommended to apply this mask 2 or 3 times per week.

Epoch Yin and Yang Mask

This is the last product from the range, and the first Nu Skin product to boast the Groviv label, an innovative initiative set up by Nu Skin to grow and source ingredients through environmentally controlled farming.

Inspired by Chinese rituels, this relaxing face mask, which is also suited to all skin types, nourishes and detoxes the skin. Considering the level of pollution our skin is subjected to, this mask is the perfect tool to have on hand. It should be used a maximum of once or twice per week once you feel that your skin is in need of a detox or extra nourishment.

What are the ingredients of the Yin and Yang Mask? Kaolin, charcoal, hoya lacunosa flower extract (porcelain flower extract) and ethnobotanical sambac jasmine scent, a delicious odour which is traditionally used in China to help relaxation.

Can the Glacial Marine Mud and the Yin and Yang Mask be used together? Yes, and it’s even recommended! I would recommend using the Glacial Marine Mud for the T zone, which is where there can be a build up of impurities, and the Yin and Yang Mask on your cheeks, which are generally in need of a deeper detox and nourishment.

How can I order the Epoch products?

  1. Go just here or click on the blue button below
  2. Click on “Accept invitation”
  3. Fill in the short form…

Voilà! All you need to do now is to select the products from the Epoch range and other Nu Skin products that you wish to order!

Which ingredients are used in the Epoch range?

💚  Which are the best products from the Epoch range?

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